Thursday, 29 October 2009

Hvad vil du helst?

Fruit grows out of your nose / Vegetables grow out of your armits

Big angel wings / Loads of insect wings over your whole body

Every movement you make is a dance / Your legs are sewn together

Have an ear where your nose is / Have toes instead of fingers

All your movements made a 'woosh' sound / Have a long beard like Gandalf

Have a hook for a hand / Have a wooden leg

Have penises instead of teeth / Have penises instead of fingers

Have an mp3 player constantly in your ears playing 'My heart will go on' / Have a balaclava on constantly

Lose your short term memory but remember who you are / Lose your long term memory but keep your short term memory

Sharpen the first knuckle of your finger to a point / Have Keld's beard as it is now, forever

Have a clown's red nose tatooed on your nose / Have 10 toes on each foot

All your clothes for the rest of your life are made of teddy-bear fur / Have someone put toothpicks up your nails repeatedly for a week

All your body hair is made of fried onions / You sweat remoulade

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